The Mortal Coil

by The Grand Architect

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Humans have throughout time exerted themselves to have release from the physical form and ascend into a higher state of existence, yet now the common goal of society seems entirely satisfied with accepting your chains that bind us to the creation and blind us to the creator. We now look towards the future in hope of answers that bring us closer to find out what life is truly about.

The Grand Architect, has embarked on a quest to relay powerful messages through rhyme. The struggles of the everyday tend to avert our attention on the relevance of why we are really here. Aptly titled "The Mortal Coil" this debut solo album will explore Grand Architect's idea of transience, life purpose, destiny etc. The title track "The Mortal" produced by 5th Seal of the Beat Bandits sets the tone for the album's agenda. Tracks like "The Real Reason" produced by DJ Nightfloor keeps the deep conscious theme rolling. Even for as serious as the subject matter is, Grand Architect manages to slip in some comical material with "Stop Clowning Around" produced by Vherbal of Enemy Soil and Anno Domini Nation. This is a culmination of works that's actually showcases one different producer for the 14 track listing which provides a variety of sounds to match up against Grand Architect's deliberate style.

Well known for features ranging from international to national to local, Grand Architect take the proper steps to solidify his standing in the Hip Hop platform as an established solo artist. Already working with Cook Book Records counterpart Illastr8ed for another group 'Double Helix' album and a collaborative project with international French connection 'Alalmy'. Look for "The Mortal Coil" in an exclusive outlet market thanks to Darkstarz Records and the Brain Kave Music Group, physical and digital merchandise to hit shelves for an autumn release. Much More @ and and


released August 30, 2016

All Tracks Recorded at "Kitchen Studios" Denver, CO
All Tracks Mixed and Mastered By Grand Architect
* Track Mixed and Mastered By L.O.C.of Dutchdocks Connections
** Track Recorded, Mixed and Mastered By Epic Beats of Cook Book Records at "Zoodios" Albuquerque, NM
All Original Artwork Created By Grand Architect
Main Flow Appears Courtesy of Wannabattle Records
Izm White Appears Courtesy of Tommy Boy Records
Panik Appears Courtesy of Molemen Records
Redd Rebel Appears Courtesy of Darkstarz Records
All Rights Reserved 2016 Cook Book Records (C) Darkstarz Records (C) Brain Kave Music Group (C)



all rights reserved


The Grand Architect Denver, Colorado

Grand Architect is here to change the face of the Hip Hop realm entirely. The flagship artist and co-founder of Cook Book Records, Grand Arch seeks talented independent artists to offer the exchange of professional media services. Thanks to the close knit community of producers, graphic artists, industry reps, promo agents as well as emcees makes up the backbone of the Grand Arch's overall success ... more

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Track Name: The Mortal Coil Produced By & Cuts By Fifth Seal
Duration 2.53

We preserve whats left of a dying breed
Its a Hip Hop jungle where the lions feed
We the sickest in the biz there's a finder's fee
Survival of the fittest we the fittest you seen

Shackled to the plight of our physical form
Its the Farmer in the field who works the soil
Doomed to a life from the day that you're born
So hot in the sun till your blood'll boil
Eternal fight against nature's storm
The won't quit yeah the grand is royal
The fabric of space and time is torn
Mortal man seeks a plan to release the coil

It's the Grand Architect yeah you know the name
Some try to claim but they sounding lame
When I weight in hundred pounds and change
So sick of kids running round the game
Don't have to say it it comes with the title
Tidal wave when I slay these rivals
Cypher rage a page from the bible
Type to blaze couple jays life cycle

Its the tower of babel that men try to climb
Down to the final hour ten then the nine
Change in the season the wind in the chimes
Give me a reason to keep up on rhymes
Take apart your life with a piece of your brain
Start an new heart then give it a name
Its the beautiful tracks like art on a train
The human syntax grand arch is the name
With the tools that I have Ima do it myself
Exclusive to you my music on shelves
I do this for you abusing my health
Whats a body to me its used to this hell
Before the trap Ima get my packs right
Before I collapse and the casket tight
Seems the dose only lasts half the life
But my soul live on in the afterlife
Track Name: Reinvent The Wheel Produced By Oskar Mike
Duration: 3.21

Its a game of thrones you can spin the wheel
Battle ax to your dome bloodstain the steel
There's no pill you can take this pain is real
Aren't you ashamed anything for bills
Records rotate at thirty three and a three
I got cats from day one still working with me
Planted in the earth its a miracle seed
Original g cloned from the lyrical tree
Electricity amped up blow your breakers
Alone in the zone running only vapors
Product line on rhymes once you show me papers
The whole team signed yeah we going majors
Scrap your whole thing go back and think it over
Sleeping on that feel the sting of the cobra
Whether you drinking rum or just soda
We going coast to coast so gas up the motor

When It comes to Hip Hop I invent the wheel
Break it down to the way that you meant to feel
Not the fake frauds who pretend its real
But the god on top who protect the hill

The wheel resembles all life cycles
But beginning to end just like Micheal's
That's I spent hours writing these bibles
inspire kids proofs in their bright smiles
My tight style is geared for this
But think for a sec I'm not here for chips
Gorillas talk it over let me clear the mist
Know its experience when you hearing this
I'm serious this is vallies and peaks
You can find all the time behind the alley with creeps
Belly of the beast from cali to east
My music right here is just to rally my peeps
Flash flood spit no way to catch the flow
Hits every time you know my rap is pro
Flex on sets Ima smash your show
Hip Hop native Apache crow Oh

Chorus 1

Simple laws of cause and effect
Karma always has a way to make you pause with respect
No way to escape the claws or the net
Thats why they reach for the deck Nas to connect
Hip Hop won't died its got to much pride
Too much soul its got too much vibe
Too many supporters that stood by her side
To many thugs in hood down to ride
Don't think that things will ever change
I'm still posted up blowing clouds of strange
Doing my thing with my name
Proud to aim at the top never drop out the game
Yeah I'm in it for the long haul
Putting in work its like I'm on call
Grand Architect and Oskar Mike
Dropping heat for that ass what's not to like

Chorus 2

It comes down to the haves and the have nots
Good place for your kids or the crack spots
Got no time for game of black ops
I'm in the booth making sure that my track knocks
Two sides to a coin that you have to flip
Take the good with the bad and I mastered it
Got a stash of that shit that you have to hit
Grant me only one wish I only ask for this
This is what I want build a field a dreams
Every time I see my life through a silver screen
My team slice green like a guillotine
Anything you bring amounts to a hill of beans
Working outside moving in like a hurricane
Don't want to try put you inside a world of pain
Say it three times the second you heard my name
Grand Architect no sweat protect the claim
Track Name: Props Produced By Illastr8ed Featuring Main Flow and Izm White Cuts By DJ Sync3re & DJ Durian
Duration 4.10

Thanks for the props but I need cash money
I know you want my spot but you can't take it from me
This ain't a joke that's why I'm so serious
There's no way I'm going broke from you hearing this
It delirious when you have nothing to offer
Can't survive off just bread and water
I lost ya when you assume it's free
Surprised what I charge not news to me
For the shows and the flies I need some more chedda
Homegrown feeling stone just like the Rosetta
Money make the whole world go round
That's why my clock makes the cash register sound
Let it go down my price skyrocketing high
I'm paid by the word I'm a talkative guy
Rich cross it off the bucket list
With a fistful of hundred dollars fuck with this
Track Name: Stop Clowning Around Produced By Vherbal
Duration 4.08

Come take a ride in the demo derby
We here to get you live down and dirty
This is no emo crap all wak and nerdy
This is OG dawn up bright and early
Writing words I'm not fooling around
You say the right words I put you fools in the ground
Its a beautiful sound from the tool to your crown
When it comes to a stage you a suitable clown
Yall shameless acting like that
With no real thought of who's watching your back
Bullet train track hit you with the facts
That you giggle about every little bitch imagine that
Seriously I expect more from you
Actually I know you don't have a clue
You just stroll through life thinking you do
Backwards now a days when I speaking the truth

Chorus 1
You a Joke a comedy show
There's No Hope of where you're willing to go
Make some music that impacts the audience
And here I thought common sense was so obvious
Get Serious Stop Clowning Around
This Ain't A Game Stop Clowning Around
Pick Another Job Stop Clowning Around
Hit Another Town Stop Clowning Around

I get pissed when these kids squander gifts
Out of my wits let me go down the list
Number one they entitled to this
Fresh off the boats get me riled as shit
My style sick after years of the practice
I deserve what I have I sharpen my tactics
I work hard till I'm as sharp as a cactus
Pass these clowns smarter than average
Number 2 reason drugs take control
You can't drop crack unless its in a bowl
You dig deep in order to find your soul
Don't be another prop part of the show
You ought to just know more like common sense
But you on parole trying to hop a fence
Once you got hooked you've been gone ever since
Now its nobody but yourself you're trying to convince

Chorus 2

The third verse just explains the worst
It's the clowns that think they're the first
Step back and realize the history
If you believe in the OG its victory
Most these clowns have the wrong idea
To rap for fame fortune or a carmengia
But that's the one thing you can change
To the point where you can expand your range
Past the place where these other cats fall off
Not enough hardcore yeah they all soft
Too much bling not enough grit
Too much fluffy things when you going to spit
Stop right there its embarrassing
Don't attempt it unless it's carefully
Take off the make up and the clown nose
Only a clown knows when to say the clown jokes

Chorus 3
Track Name: Heavyweights Produced By Doc Aux
Duration: 2.35

I make bread from my grind Like a Heavyweight

I hit you straight in your head Like a Heavyweight
I'm on the beat with the heat Like a Heavyweight
Like a Heavyweight yeah Like a Heavyweight
I'm a time bomb explode Like a Heavyweight
I'm an icon I'm known Like a Heavyweight
I'm on the track with the crack Like a Heavyweight
Like a Heavyweight yeah Like a Heavyweight

No rest for the grind yeah I never break
Buddha head clear the mind when I meditate
The rhymes that I build will just devastate
The way I weed you out gotta separate
Heavy cake heavy duty a new paperwork
Feel fresh out the gate like a favorite shirt
I live deep in the earth moving major dirt
What it's worth take u off the field players hurt
Making the moves like I'm packing a house
Tell em grand architect what they asking about
When it comes to my joints I be passing em out
No doubt all dope we be blasting it loud
The type of biz that I take it to a pinnacle
I'm a real wiz when it comes to these minerals
When to harvest the crop is so critical
Take a miracle bring it into the physical

I get things off the ground when I levitate
Push things through my bills that I legislate
You pay to collaborate then u complain and bellyache
Why didn't you hit the grand I'll give a better rates
Ahead of my time you can't measure with miles
Said all my rhymes and perfected my styles
You collecting dust from just neglecting your dials
You wanna brush up on your raps I got lessons on file
I don't sell discs I sell audio books
I don't want you pissed but a lotta of u shook
Call me captain cook cuz I got me a hook
And you try to take my bag Ima body a crook
Hollywood looks with the gloves to match
Flashing cameras and the image they catch
What I got right here is just half of the batch
Bum rush your whole town when u open the latch
Track Name: Don't Leave Me Produced By A June and J Beat Featuring R Mic Of The Neckbreakerz Cuts By DJ Sync3re & DJ Durian
Duration 4.00

Please I'm begging you please don't leave me
Its hard as it is on a g it is not really that easy
Don't be mad when I got sell CDS
Go down south link with the neckbreezies
Every time I step to the door
You want me to stay like I'm stuck to the floor
I'm trying to see who's up for the tour
You even trip out when I leave to the store
Just know if I leave I'm always coming back
Grand Architect the name is a fact
Stacking racks from all of these tracks
Twice as fast take it to the max
Break the glass break your necks
Girls shake that ass now make it sweat
Don't say anything save your breathe
Cause I won't be gone till the face of death
Track Name: Astronaut Produced By Panik
Duration 3.50

Chorus 1

You can look up in the sky see some shooting stars
Cause we up real high like the moon and mars
So ill so fly we the goons in charge
You want a piece of this pie make room for ours

It's time to take flight yo I'm as fly as a bird
These rhymes that I write get you higher than herb
No need to lie, deny what you heard
Step inside my mind you'll find its a blur
Shadows all around I take it to the peaks
I battle with my sound you know I'm on a beat
Arch with the crown melt you down with the heat
Now you in the hot seat and you hitting repeat
Haters figure ways to sabotage
Expose anyone even through their common flaws
But they didn't expect my whole entourage
And the fact that I rap like I'm kamikazz
They want my sound so I gotta give it
The underground where I found so you gotta visit
Hip Hop is my life so I gotta live it
Take a leap of faith to a place I call the outer limits

Chorus 1
Chorus 2

Its the doomsday clock better set your watch
Headed for the launchpad blasting off
Take it to the top never has to stop
Grand Arch Molemen we the astronauts

Come with a G let's take a journey
Countdown from ten you better hurry
We headed to a space where lights is pretty
Amped up with enough juice to light your city
My mic is with me everywhere I go
Strapped to the spacesuit ready to blow
Radioactive and I'm starting to glow
But that right there is just a part of the show
I got more Ls than astro and elroy
Rolled up well hell let's go boy
Anywhere yeah past the limits
Break all barriers and the laws of physics
You better Panik when my man is on the buttons
Set a plan cause we always up to something
Look up in the sky next to the eclipse
There you will find the signs of the secrets

Chorus 1
Chorus 2
Track Name: Look At Us Produced By The Grand Architect
Duration 3.40

Look at you you ain't got skill
Look at me my whole teams ill
DH and were trying to build
So get out the way when we come to kill
Look at you you're not that good
Now look at me I knew that you would
An emcee the way that you should
But you wouldn't have had if I stayed in the hood
Watch me I rise to the top
I watch you the lies that you drop
I think its wise for you guys to stop
Watch me not the size of my watch
See see told you emcees
Dear in the headlight have to freeze
Blind mice when you after cheese
You can look at this then look at these

Look at me I'm not hard to find
Now look at you you working part time
Don't quit your job and start to rhyme
Because when it comes to these bars the job is mine
Look at you hang the hat
Now look at me I bang the track
Make some change on the side when I slang a pack
I gotta get by there no shame in that
Watch what I do there's a lot to see
Watch me come through I'll chop some tree
Not the type to watch not for me
I gotta step in the ring like its Rocky three
Look closer now who came the closest
Never bogus you can check my motives
Little details that you have to notice
Make the bigger picture come into focus

Look at Cook Book the Architect
Watch out for the jars watch out for steps
Look at Clouds look at the web
It's all around in your chesttake a breathe
Watch out for stars they want to connect
Watch for bars it's hard to collect
See the destruction what they do then reflect
See the perfection in flaws and see what perfect
Track Name: In Nomine Patri Produced By and Featuring L.O.C. *
I don't do this for the wants and likes
I'm not here for the pussy like I'm Wanda Sykes
i'ma monster type ill haunt your nights
So give me my room and comp the mics
Stomp your lights blow your candles out
no remix this is how you Sample Sound
Fans at the show with their cameras out
Point it at the grand pull the trigger blaw
All real no need for fake followers
Cuz the music that i make is so marvelous
Pay someone smart as shit to market this
I work the hardest kid the arch is sick
Larger bricks meant to ease your pain
Medicine comes from many trees and strains
Think what you could do if you lose your chains
Tune in yeah and just use your brains
Track Name: A Long Long Time Produced By and Featuring Epic Beats
Duration 3.14

Every so often a time will come along

Where u get your chance to prove them wrong
That's the kind of material I work in a song
Bleed through my arm realize what I'm on
I'm like spawn here for a deeper purpose
Why else would I stick around this places a circus
Cultivate substance you can use to nourish
You and seeds yo we use to flourish
Now service definitely not for the customers
Modern day punisher no way I'm even trusting ya
My microphone is the paint and I'm brushing her
Life juggler now it come down to me crushing ya
Even your mans said the grand is scary
Cuz I roll with the bags it takes two hands to carry
Transport from land see air to ferry
Milk life for what's it's worth like a cream land dairy
Track Name: Marigoround Produced By Ircasim

It's a roller coaster when u tug on them heart strings
Running with an angel no halo just dark wings
They some smart things playing your emotions
That's what arch thinks so I'm talking your devotion
Supposing we expose them it just won't do
They would just flip it up yo saying told you
Bold and the beautiful make tough to think
That's why all these guys try to find stuff to drink
Build courage to speak to you and your friends
They want to see how much he can spend
In this day and age these girls get it hard
Going for the checkbook and then credit cards
Money is the gas pedal they will hit the road
Be careful of the bankroll when they get the code
So my biggest possible words of advice
Is don't ever let love straight ruin your life

Jonnell said it best when we go round and round
I hop on some of that Mary go pound for pound
They keep kids gassed to make the customers happy
But it the end the finish product is lacking
I'm send em packing come back when you real
Matter fact never come back cuz you never will
Better chill this gift not many get to give
Sit with me let me try to teach you here's a quiz
Fit the biz in between the personal too
Why does everything have to be commercial to you
The rehearsals at two you're late once again
When are you ever going to learn or my friend
Even though you think it's all fun and games
They keep you distracted to latch on the chains
Who's to blame the media or just yourself
Its a shame deceiving people out of their wealth
Track Name: Real Reason Produced By DJ Nightfloor Featuring Shana Hartfield
Duration 3.33

Its too much to bear its a heavy cross
These kids walk around with their mini glocks
Don't use their noodle end up spaghetti sauce
All over white tees from the semi shots
Have to walk a thin line its a tight rope
Every time I cut the life line from a life boat
Everyone wanna shine they got high hopes
But they choose a life of crime and they buy dope
Suicide seems like the easy way out
But so many grieve when you take that route
Bombs taking out the youth so quick
Shootouts in the schools its just so sick
Nothing is worth all the lives that are missed
Go somewhere else when you feeling that pissed
Evil deeds get you closer to hell
So don't feed off the anger they're trying to sell

I'm asking what's the real reason
People so cold so damn freezing
They weak in the week looking for the weekends
Tell me what you really seeking

I'm done when it comes to games
Fools in the midst try and lock their chains
I won't even grace your face with names
No wonder when I make moves they can't complain
No wonder they so jelly I'm doing so well
They staying in the hotels or the cold cells
Tuxedo flow ride the coattails
I'm blowing o rings while you hoping your show sells
I've seen lots of lows but mostly highs
Try and rain on my parade like most these guys
Wanna make slaves that's no surprise
Hell no not G I'm the poltergeist
No disrespect how you get your checks
Cause you get what yours I'm a get what tect's
Been there before now I'm on what's next
Besides I think the people want what's fresh

Track Name: Reject Produced By Frosty Fin
Duration: 3.15

I won't stop diving deep till I hit the sea floor

Flood the streets now your peeps take a detour
Cut me wide open see the rings of a tree core
Been in this thing before they had a weed store
Strap in for the ride with some Rambo Gs
Suit up for the day in some camo tigues
Strike hard and long like the piano keys
Luxurious spots yeah your man will freeze
Perfect combo this is grand and the frost
Always on flow yeah this man is the boss
I haven't ever cared how much this gram will just costs
I plan on rocking it till the planet is lost
Been around and round just like a drill bit
I write it all down until I get an ill hit
Do what I said it all happened real quick
The grand arch kill kids when I just build bricks


Ten hut sound off this a Major Salute
I came up on top by training recruits
I only work with troops that can make us some loot
war rhymes now u gotta shake in your boots

To the ones that believe you ain't nothing but a reject
Even the machines cause you breathe you're a defect
Toss a big stone in the middle of that bees nest
See the effects its buzzing cause we be fresh
My life is kinda hard to explain
I try to put in words since I started the game
Now these fingerprints can target your brain
Sensory overload slice sharp as a blade
The market's insane when will it rest
There's no better time than now to invest
I take apart you strategy give it my best
There's no limit unless I just live on the crest
I always raise the bar you can't get this high
You've gone to far I won't let that slide
Shout it from the rooftops testify
I move a mountain with my mind till you mesmerized


I been push to long now its time to push back
Two wrongs ain't right never did trust that
Make two songs nice only one kush sack
Sacrifice my life and I won't look back
Leave a light on like a motel six
Try to weight me down but I sold them brick
Real life shit no photo tricks
Grand Architect check my solo hits
I'm a soloist got the grow lights on
Raise up my fist cause I go in strong
Got yall all pissed cause they know my song
Should be mad you a lo life con
I blow that chron I blow that smoke
I'm on that tip I rock that boat
Stop the wak and release the dope
I beast on tracks and I feast on hopes
Track Name: On The Corner Produced By Classick Featuring Redd Rebel Cuts By DJ Sync3re
Catch me posted up underneath a light pole

In some white clothes ducking 5 0s

Making sure you get the right dose

Of these nice flows mixed with the pipe bowls

Under the bridge the trolls walkway

That's where I live the grouch on a hot day

Impact on a track see the effect of the shockwave

The phone line system is wired more than a latte

You do this for the wrong reasons all for the hell of it

I do this to express my heart I'm intelligent

You been doing this for so long ain't selling shit

I been doing this so strong I stay relevant

Backpack kids here to form a team

No fake dicks like a porno scene

I record a dream this means more to me

I have I lot to live up to I was born a king