Stop Clowning Around Produced By Vherbal

from by The Grand Architect



Humans have throughout time exerted themselves to have release from the physical form and ascend into a higher state of existence, yet now the common goal of society seems entirely satisfied with accepting your chains that bind us to the creation and blind us to the creator. We now look towards the future in hope of answers that bring us closer to find out what life is truly about.

The Grand Architect, has embarked on a quest to relay powerful messages through rhyme. The struggles of the everyday tend to avert our attention on the relevance of why we are really here. Aptly titled "The Mortal Coil" this debut solo album will explore Grand Architect's idea of transience, life purpose, destiny etc. The title track "The Mortal" produced by 5th Seal of the Beat Bandits sets the tone for the album's agenda. Tracks like "The Real Reason" produced by DJ Nightfloor keeps the deep conscious theme rolling. Even for as serious as the subject matter is, Grand Architect manages to slip in some comical material with "Stop Clowning Around" produced by Vherbal of Enemy Soil and Anno Domini Nation. This is a culmination of works that's actually showcases one different producer for the 14 track listing which provides a variety of sounds to match up against Grand Architect's deliberate style.

Well known for features ranging from international to national to local, Grand Architect take the proper steps to solidify his standing in the Hip Hop platform as an established solo artist. Already working with Cook Book Records counterpart Illastr8ed for another group 'Double Helix' album and a collaborative project with international French connection 'Alalmy'. Look for "The Mortal Coil" in an exclusive outlet market thanks to Darkstarz Records and the Brain Kave Music Group, physical and digital merchandise to hit shelves for an autumn release. Much More @ and and


Duration 4.08

Come take a ride in the demo derby
We here to get you live down and dirty
This is no emo crap all wak and nerdy
This is OG dawn up bright and early
Writing words I'm not fooling around
You say the right words I put you fools in the ground
Its a beautiful sound from the tool to your crown
When it comes to a stage you a suitable clown
Yall shameless acting like that
With no real thought of who's watching your back
Bullet train track hit you with the facts
That you giggle about every little bitch imagine that
Seriously I expect more from you
Actually I know you don't have a clue
You just stroll through life thinking you do
Backwards now a days when I speaking the truth

Chorus 1
You a Joke a comedy show
There's No Hope of where you're willing to go
Make some music that impacts the audience
And here I thought common sense was so obvious
Get Serious Stop Clowning Around
This Ain't A Game Stop Clowning Around
Pick Another Job Stop Clowning Around
Hit Another Town Stop Clowning Around

I get pissed when these kids squander gifts
Out of my wits let me go down the list
Number one they entitled to this
Fresh off the boats get me riled as shit
My style sick after years of the practice
I deserve what I have I sharpen my tactics
I work hard till I'm as sharp as a cactus
Pass these clowns smarter than average
Number 2 reason drugs take control
You can't drop crack unless its in a bowl
You dig deep in order to find your soul
Don't be another prop part of the show
You ought to just know more like common sense
But you on parole trying to hop a fence
Once you got hooked you've been gone ever since
Now its nobody but yourself you're trying to convince

Chorus 2

The third verse just explains the worst
It's the clowns that think they're the first
Step back and realize the history
If you believe in the OG its victory
Most these clowns have the wrong idea
To rap for fame fortune or a carmengia
But that's the one thing you can change
To the point where you can expand your range
Past the place where these other cats fall off
Not enough hardcore yeah they all soft
Too much bling not enough grit
Too much fluffy things when you going to spit
Stop right there its embarrassing
Don't attempt it unless it's carefully
Take off the make up and the clown nose
Only a clown knows when to say the clown jokes

Chorus 3


from The Mortal Coil, released August 30, 2016
All Tracks Recorded at "Kitchen Studios" Denver, CO
All Tracks Mixed and Mastered By Grand Architect
* Track Mixed and Mastered By L.O.C.of Dutchdocks Connections
** Track Recorded, Mixed and Mastered By Epic Beats of Cook Book Records at "Zoodios" Albuquerque, NM
All Original Artwork Created By Grand Architect
Main Flow Appears Courtesy of Wannabattle Records
Izm White Appears Courtesy of Tommy Boy Records
Panik Appears Courtesy of Molemen Records
Redd Rebel Appears Courtesy of Darkstarz Records
All Rights Reserved 2016 Cook Book Records (C) Darkstarz Records (C) Brain Kave Music Group (C)



all rights reserved


The Grand Architect Denver, Colorado

Grand Architect is here to change the face of the Hip Hop realm entirely. The flagship artist and co-founder of Cook Book Records, Grand Arch seeks talented independent artists to offer the exchange of professional media services. Thanks to the close knit community of producers, graphic artists, industry reps, promo agents as well as emcees makes up the backbone of the Grand Arch's overall success ... more

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